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Captgas equipment Co., Ltd-Suzhou headquarters is located in suzhou jiangnan - lake bridge industrial park, is engaged in air separation nitrogen making, hydrogen, oxygen and auxiliary equipment of research, development, manufacture and relevant technical service and consulting of high-tech enterprises.

The company and the Chinese academy of sciences subordinate several research institutions have good relations of cooperation, is responsible for a range of new technology of marketing. The company has collected the mechanical, electrical, gas technology, etc XieZuoHua, high efficiency of senior professional and technical elite, and employs more than dr. Industry experts for the consultants, has the formidable comprehensive product development capabilities. Also have an experienced, professional high level of design, production, after-sales service team. And has formed a r&d, manufacture and service of the three-level management system.

By absorbing the similar import equipment based on advanced technologies, well-grounded, whole series launched variable pressure adsorption nitrogen making machine, nitrogen gas purification equipment, ammonia decomposition hydrogen furnaces device, hydrogen gas purification devices, oxygen-produce machine, hydrogen n ratio device and various non-standard gas device. And with advanced technology, high quality parts and strict quality technical standard production equipment, provide the user satisfied products and service.

Our products cover range, excellent performance, high efficiency and energy saving, control, flexible, convenient operation, Widely used in electronics, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacture, petroleum chemical industry, chemical fiber, light industry, food, medicine, biology, injection molding, foam products and other industries; In the national key project plays an important role.

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Captgas equipment Co., Ltd-Suzhou