Product show PSA oxygen machine

PSA oxygen machine

Features and scope of application of our oxygen generator method:

The oxygen production cost is low, the process flow is simple, and the product gas can be obtained 5 to 10 minutes after starting. The level of automation is high, and it can be unattended. Low working pressure and good safety. The purity of the product is easy to adjust and has strong adaptability. The continuous operation time is long, and the maintenance cost has a great advantage. The product is suitable for use in a single gas application field with a purity below 95%!

Introduction of our oxygen generator automatic control system-workstation

The reliability and technical level of the PSA oxygen generator equipment automatic control system has been fully affirmed by the customer in the project practice process to meet the different parameter requirements of the customer. At the same time, thanks to the understanding of the ever-changing industrial control technology and the successful experience of applying it to the oxygen concentrator equipment, the valuable process parameters that Kaienpu Gas has collected and sorted out will help our company maintain the automatic control level of the oxygen concentrator. * And continue to develop. The self-control supporting design of our oxygen production equipment has also achieved perfect design, complete drawings, reasonable configuration, proper selection, reliable operation, and high cost performance, which fully reflects the equipment level and technical level of Kane&P's oxygen production products. .

The design principles of our oxygen generator:

1. On the premise of safety and reliability, fully consider the stability of the equipment and local environmental factors when designing;

2. Equipment level and technical level to ensure the advanced nature of PSA technology;

3. The selection of control equipment is reasonable and can fully meet the PSA process requirements;

The equipment control level is mainly responsible for the mechanical action and interlocking control of each equipment on site. After the signal sensor, signal conditioner and setting on the control panel, the equipment control system can correctly handle various sudden failure alarms and collect system data. In order to make the system operate normally and stably and reduce the number of shutdowns, the main microprocessor system adopts a highly reliable programmable process controller. At the same time, the design fully considers the safe and reliable operation of the equipment, so when the system fails, it will issue Sound and light alarm, and point out the fault location, some faults are set to interlock.

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