Product show PSA oxygen machine

PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator

Our oxygen production method

Features and scope of application:

The oxygen production cost is low, the process flow is simple, and the product gas can be obtained 5 to 10 minutes after starting. The level of automation is high, and it can be unattended. Low working pressure and good safety. The purity of the product is easy to adjust and has strong adaptability. The continuous operation time is long, and the maintenance cost has a great advantage.

The product is suitable for use in a single gas application field with a purity below 95%!

Traditional oxygen production method

Features and scope of application:

The cost of oxygen production is relatively high, the process flow is complicated, and the corresponding products can only be obtained after 30 hours of startup! But he ≥99.5 oxygen and other products can get gas. Suitable for high-purity multi-component gas applications!

The pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator uses molecular sieve to selectively adsorb nitrogen in the air under normal temperature conditions, and reduces the pressure of the adsorption tower to desorb the nitrogen adsorbed in the molecular sieve, so as to realize the adsorption-desorption cycle operation and continuous production Oxygen with a purity of 90-95%.

The PSA Oxygen Generator is an air separation unit which is based on molecular sieves selective adsorption of nitrogen from air and can continuously generate gas oxygen with a purity 90~ 95% at ambient temperature, and the adsorbed nitrogen can be desorpted by decreasing the adsorbed bed pressure resulting cyclical adsorption-desorption operation.

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